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Clown Cartel Murder Mysteries
Interactive fun for the kid in us all

Celebrate the Holidays with a Christmas Mystery

There’s nothing like a good murder mystery to get you into the holiday spirit! At least, that’s the way we feel at Clown Cartel Murder Mysteries. Our talented performers will leave you feeling festive and thoroughly entertained. Give us a call to schedule your special event!


It’s a Wonderful Death

It’s Christmas Eve, 1945 in Bedford Falls. George Bailey is having a really bad day. In a moment of desperation he wishes that he had never been born. A kindly old gentleman arrives claiming to be a guardian angel and it appears that George’s wish has been granted. But all is not well in our alternate world. Someone in this sleepy town is a murderer.

Theme: Classic Christmas film

Setting: 1945 - A public gathering place in a small town

Venue Requirements:

  • Enough room for Mr. Potter to move in an antique wheelchair
  • A change room for the cast of 8 actors
  • 2 small tables in the reception area with enough space for guests to gather around to read and examine clues
It’s a Wonderful Death

Miracle on Jasper Avenue

Christmas, 1947

As Edmontonians prepare for their festive celebrations, they all take time to cheer on the Edmonton Flyers hockey team or enjoy the window displays of Hudson’s Department Store on Jasper Avenue. But the winter weather and the overall hustle and bustle of everyday life has everyone in a slump. What the city needs is a good old-fashioned injection of Christmas spirit. So Hudson’s announces a contest… and a stranger comes in from the North.

Who has been naughty? Who has been nice? Whose heart is as black as a lump of coal that smoulders with enough fiery rage to commit . . . murder?

Theme: Christmas classic movie parody mixed with game show parody

Setting: 1947 Edmonton – hotel ballroom, community hall or restaurant

Venue Requirements:

  • Changing room for the actors
  • Stage area for game show and focused scenes
  • 2 small tables in another part of the room to post clues for the guests to examine
Miracle on Jasper Avenue
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