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Clown Cartel Murder Mysteries
Interactive fun for the kid in us all

Read What Customers Have Said About Us

Clown Cartel Murder Mysteries takes pride in bringing a fun, engaging brand of entertainment to our many customers in Edmonton and the surrounding areas. We invite you to read what some of our customers have said about us. If you have your own feedback to share, we encourage you to fill out our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!

Attention to the Guests was Incredible

“Thank you for a simply wonderful and fun eve. My husband just loved it as did the rest of the guests. They were spellbound. Your attention to the guests was incredible. Everyone felt involved and loved speaking to your actors. They put their heart into it. Thank you for including my grandchildren, they will always have the memory. I could also see that you were working hard to make sure everything flowed smoothly, and it did! I can see you are a pro!”

- Linda

Performers Are Great in Every Way

“Please tell Val and Iain how absolutely superb their plays are. I would hardly know Iain from one time to the next - one time a gallant count; the next time a nerdy professor. The performers are just perfect in every way - casting, timing, etc. Well written and acted and everybody always has a great time.

I had actually already called the Selkirk earlier this afternoon to express my kudos on the great job. It is nice to go out for dinner, but when there is entertainment provided the pleasure increases tenfold.”

- Maureen

Will Highly Recommend to Our Friends

“Thank you sooo much for this evening. ... I know everyone enjoyed themselves. The cast was fabulous! ...and I know we will highly recommend to our friends.”

- Jillian

Your Team Did a Great Job

“I thought your team did a great job. The interaction with the guests and professional display that you and your team put on was fantastic. The guests really seem to enjoy the entertainment and your costumes made the whole experience seem so real. Iain I must say you played your character very well from your costume to your body language; it was truly an Oscar performance….great job!!!!!”

- Marcel, Hotel Selkirk

Evening was Fun for All of Our Guests

“Thank you all so much for staging such a wonderful event! All our staff had a fantastic time, and really enjoyed being a part of such a unique experience. It was something new for nearly all of our guests, and you all did such a beautiful job of getting everyone actively involved in the murder mystery itself, and they were certainly into the 30's/gangster theme - they all had a blast dressing up for it and really made the most of it! Everyone commented after you left how talented you all were, and was impressed with the various characters you played.

The evening proved fun for all our guests, and I know the (restaurant) staff thoroughly enjoyed it as well.”

- Nicole, Lorac Construction Ltd.

Invigorating, Creative & Vibrant

“Thank you so much for your invigorating, creative and vibrant group!”

- Shannon, Careers: The Next Generation

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