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Clown Cartel Murder Mysteries
Interactive fun for the kid in us all

Book Our Reception-Style Mini Mysteries

Can you solve the crime? Give it your best shot by booking one of our reception-style mini mysteries. Take your event to a new level with interactive entertainment from Clown Cartel Murder Mysteries. Read what our customers have said about us.


Do Not Disturb

Mrs. Amanda Sedgwick was found dead in her hotel room. She and her family had celebrated her 60th birthday here in the hotel last night. Rumours are flying around the hotel that there had been a heated argument over dinner. A renowned detective has been called in to help solve the crime. Would you like to try your hand at solving this mystery? Read the witness statements, listen to the recording of the victim’s last conversation and see the detective for your opportunity to inspect the crime scene.

Theme: Observational mini mystery

Setting: Hotel room

Venue Requirements:

  • Table in lobby for preliminary clues
  • Hotel room set as the scene of the crime
  • Table outside hotel room for final clue, accusation forms and draw drum
Do Not Disturb

The Scene of the Crime

Mrs. Grayson hosted a tea party for her late husband’s four adult children. Angry words were heard, and later, when her maid and butler came into the room to clear the dishes after tea, Mrs. Grayson was found dead on the floor. There was no one else in the room at the time her body was discovered. A renowned detective has been called in to help solve the crime. Would you like to try your hand at solving this mystery? Examine the model of the scene of the crime. Read the witness and suspect statements and see the detective.

Depending upon your budget, space and event logistics, we can go small:

We supply a detective and a "witness" character (either a maid, butler or constable) as well as a 1-foot by 1-foot scale model of the scene of the crime and all the physical clues (incident reports, autopsy, witness statements) to solve the crime. The four suspect characters may be represented by 4 of your guests. Each would receive a page with their background information and our character sheets are written in such a way that the players do not know whether or not they are guilty of the crime, so that they can play as well.

Or we can go big:

We supply a full-scale set 10-feet wide by 10-feet deep with 8 actors playing the maid and butler, detective and assistant and 4 suspects, as well as all the physical clues needed to solve the mystery.

Theme: Observational reception-style mini mystery

Venue Requirements:

  • 2 tables
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