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Clown Cartel Murder Mysteries
Interactive fun for the kid in us all

Read the FAQ from Clown Cartel Murder Mysteries in Edmonton

Do you have questions about our interactive entertainment? Clown Cartel Murder Mysteries is here to answer them. Keep reading to find responses to the questions we commonly hear and please contact us if you need additional information.

Q: What happens during the mystery?

A: Comedy-based performers will mix and mingle with your guests before the murder. Each mystery also has focused, staged elements designed to be seen and heard by everyone. After the murder is committed, the detective will name the suspects in the crime. The detective will interrogate each suspect and significant clues will be posted for all the guests to examine. When all the clues have been posted, the detective will then call for the completion of “Who-Dun-It?” forms and conclude the evening with a denouement to reveal the killer.

Q: How many people can play a murder mystery?

A: Our standard mysteries can play to a group from 20 to 125 people with the exception of “Little Courthouse on the Prairie”, “Murder at the Midway”, "Phantom at the Cinema" and "Curses, Foiled Again!", which can accommodate up to 200 people.

Q: How long does a murder mystery run?

A: Typically about 3 1/2 to 4 hours in total. You should allow about 1 1/2 to 2 hours before the death to gently get to know the characters and set up the plot. Similarly, it takes about 1 1/2 hours after death (at about the time dessert is served) to investigate the crime and another half hour for the guests to make their accusations and for the detective to deliver the solution.

Q: What are mystery requirements on-site?

A: We are very self-contained and bring our own sound system. Our needs are a change room for the performers, space for one or two clue boards (with room for people to gather around), and space for focused dramatic elements. Certain mysteries may have specific requirements. We will be happy to help you match your needs with our mystery options.

Q: How involved are the guests?

A: We involve your guests to the level they feel comfortable. Some prefer to sit back and watch the goings on while others may choose to attend the interrogations and even assist the detective in questioning a suspect. We do have some mysteries in which players may become involved as characters in the story. We have the greatest respect for our volunteers and never put them in an uncomfortable situation.

Q: Is it suitable for children?

A: Given that the main stories involve a murder, parents are the best judge of whether or not it is suitable for their children. Our style is always family-friendly. Our actors never use language that our grandparents wouldn’t approve of. Any portrayed violence is generally pretty tame. Some mysteries have gunshots; our medieval mystery has a carefully choreographed swordfight. The actual death scenes are not graphic and the bodies are promptly carried out.

Very young toddlers and pre-schoolers probably won't understand what's going on, but generally if they're old enough to read and write (and are interested in murder mysteries) then, yes, we've found that preteens and young teenagers do enjoy our murder mysteries.

And we enjoy having them there as well. Typically, kids buy into the storyline wholeheartedly. They’re usually more outgoing than the grown-ups and are not afraid to question the suspects. The enthusiasm and excitement of young people immersing themselves in the mysteries is highly infectious, and raises the energy of the whole event.

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