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Clown Cartel Murder Mysteries
Interactive fun for the kid in us all

Entertain Your Guests with Large Scale Murder Mysteries

Capable of entertaining groups up to 200, Clown Cartel Murder Mysteries has several large scale themes suitable for your special event. Please be sure to consider the venue requirements when calling to book your reservation. If you have questions, we are happy to answer them!


Please select from the list to learn more:


Curses, Foiled Again!

A troupe of local actors makes the final preparations for their live performance of a Victorian melodrama. Despite the petty rivalries, the show must go on. Cheer the hero; boo the villain! It’s all in good fun. Gadzooks! What’s this? A real snake in the grass? A fly in the ointment? The game’s afoot as one person’s dastardly diabolical deeds bring devious deceit… and death.

Theme: Amateur theatre production of a Klondike melodrama

Setting: Strathcona, 1910 – a theatre or community hall (the melodrama itself is about the building of the CPR in 1882)

Venue Requirements:

  • Large stage
  • Change room for 8 actors
  • 2 small tables in another part of the room to post clues for the guests to examine

Notes: Some members of the audience get recruited to play a rabble of disgruntled railway employees. The melodrama itself is about 45 minutes long and can stand alone as a separate entertainment package without the murder.

Curses, Foiled Again!

Little Courthouse on the Prairie

Rupert’s Land – 1849

Fort Edmonton is in an uproar. Everybody’s best friend, Will Tucker, is accused of murder! He says that he didn’t do it but everyone knows he must have done it. To make matters worse, with Factor Rowand away on business, the Hudson’s Bay Company has sent a temporary replacement – the famous “Hanging Judge” Justice Virgil Lynch. All the local settlers are sure to turn up to see what happens when Judge Lynch dispenses his own “rough justice on the prairie.”

A murder mystery with a twist. Immerse yourself in a bygone way of life as the plot unfolds with our interactive performers. Talk to the characters you’ll meet at the trial. Attend the trial and hear the witness statements. Witness re-enactments of what they saw. You may even be invited to play a role in this courtroom drama. Can you figure out who is lying, who is telling the truth and who is guilty of murder?

Theme: Edmonton 1849 - early settlers (with inspiration from “Little House on the Prairie”)

Venue Requirements:

  • Changing room for 8 actors
  • Several areas around the perimeter of the room for multiple scenes
  • 1 chair for the judge and 12 chairs for the jury. 2 chairs for the log cabin set

Note: Gunfire during production

Little Courthouse on the Prairie

Murder at the Midway

The show’s about to begin. The most amazing carnival acts of the 1920s, right here – right now! See death-defying acts of desperation! See the murdered corpse right before your eyes! See the strange and sinister suspects - oddities of nature - alive! The Scorned Lady! The Betrayed Man! You will be astounded and amazed.

Test your skill in our game of intrigue to determine who committed…. Murder at the Midway!

Theme: 1920 travelling carnival

Setting: 1920 – Edmonton carnival grounds

Venue Requirements:

  • Large outdoor space required for multiple scenes (does not include food area)

Note: Full day required for set-up

Murder at the Midway

Phantom at the Cinema

January, 1928

In celebration of the film “Phantom of the Opera”, Mr. & Mrs. Drummond will be hosting a gala masquerade ball at the Capitol Theatre. Selected scenes from the film will be re-enacted live on stage. Who knows, perhaps the Phantom himself may put in an appearance?

Theme: Phantom of the Opera - specifically, the 1925 Lon Chaney film

Setting: Theatre or community hall with a stage

Venue Requirements:

  • Change room for 8 actors
  • Large stage with backstage area and “wings”. Ideally stage should have a curtain as well
  • Area in another part of the room to post clues for guests to examine
Phantom at the Cinema
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